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Climbing a Mountian

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I first learned about coaching when I woke up to a hard realization that I was creating my life. The reason that was hard is because I didn't feel like I was creating anything. I was just doing the tasks in front of me instead of deciding what I wanted to create. I began receiving guidance from a life coach. It was invaluable and gave me confidence and belief in myself that I never had experienced. That change motivated me to want to help anyone who is ready to experience the shift in self belief that gets you doing the impossible. There was a requirement in coaching school to coach 10 people to graduate. I knew that I learn the best on the job so I made a goal to coach 100 people before I graduated. I coached 108. That it gave me the experience I needed to put in practice what I learned in school and the confidence to be fully focused on my clients instead of feeling like a beginner.  In this exploration call we take a deep dive into what is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams and create room for belief. Once there is a firm belief actions easily follow, always creating the results we are looking for. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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