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I'm so excited to tell you my life coaching journey! I was going along living my life, the one that I had totally planned for myself.


I was a stay at home mom with 4 kids and for a long time I didn't have any direction in my life. I was just going through the motions, putting out fires, and feeling totally stuck in the routine of life. Then I came across a life coach who began to change my thinking. I had been in a rut and blaming my circumstances and other people for putting me there. I was feeling stuck and didn't know I had any other option than to feel that way.


What life coaching did for me was give me my power back. It helped me to see that I am in charge of making my life amazing. She taught me that my thoughts are what cause me to feel certain ways and that I could change the way I think.

Since then I have gone after and accomplished so many things. I feel in charge of my life and happiness. I decided to become a life coach and am successful in my coaching business. And I help so many people experience life with awe, joy and passion. 


I am so excited that you are considering doing that same work for yourself. You will not be the same after working with me. You will look higher, dream bigger, start climbing and achieve more.

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New York, United States

Tel: 631-623-8587

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