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Let's Get Running 

You are not a failure. You just haven't learned how to manage your thoughts and your schedule. If you are the kind of person who will beat yourself up for spending your time reading this (not getting the other million things done that you've been meaning to do), THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Sometimes you just need an accountability partner and sometimes you need an accountability coach. As your accountability coach I will spend the time to sit down and help you get your thoughts and your life organized. I'll teach you habits that will create satisfaction and accomplishment in your life and I will teach you how to be accountable to yourself. When you begin to be accountable to yourself you have self respect, self confidence and self esteem. If you feel like you are running around in 100 different ways and none of them are your way THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE. If you feel like you are overwhelmed to the point of wanting to crawl back into bed, but force yourself to go to work, THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE. This is where you learn how to fill your cup, believe in yourself and begin taking the actions to feel better. 

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