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There are 3 phases of developing a healthy mindset:

  • The first phase is to identify what thoughts are causing negative feelings, actions or inaction. Coaching helps you to see why you react a certain way and practice new thoughts that will produce better outcomes in the future. This phase is challenging because you (often for the first time) have to take a good look at your limiting thoughts and beliefs. It can also be frustrating because you have not yet found a way to catch the limiting thought in the moment, but can recognize it afterwards. In this phase you begin healing by increasing awareness of what is happening in your mind. 

  • In the second phase you begin to catch the negative thought in the moment and change your outcome by intentionally thinking a different thought. This takes practice and is often hit or miss. This is where the feeling of empowerment begins to really grow. You begin to feel the power of intentional thinking. You see that you are not a product of your circumstances, but that you can decide how to act and react in any situation. 

  • In the third phase your begin choose thoughts to think before going into challenging situations so you can have the reaction you would like to. It is repatterning and reprogramming your thoughts so that you can choose to stay calm, kind, peaceful and in control. This third phase is a life long pursuit. We are always untangling our thoughts and building new beliefs that serve us.


You will walk out of each call with more awareness and an improved mindset. You will feel more confident in managing challenges and have more motivation to pursue your goals.

I have the best job in the world. When someone changes the way they thing, they change their world and it is beautiful and amazing to witness. 

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